Lourí 1ltr X-Lite Drybag

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Lourí 1ltr X-Lite Drybag

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You asked and we delivered. Now there's a solution to keeping your kit dry when the weather isn't.

Totally waterproof dry bag made with XTP Lite fabric by Highlander for Lourí. 

With a roll top to ensure contents are kept totally dry and to offer a snug fit, no matter how full or empty the bag is. 1 litre capacity with a footprint just the right size for a 29" inner tube and enough space to carry simply your tube, or with all your essentials bundled together. 

Combine this 1 ltr bag with our UK-handmade Frame or Saddle straps for a Winter-proof combination. 

What can this dry bag carry?
You can carry multiple inner tubes, CO2, money, your phone and more. 1 Litre is a lot of space! Usual carrying load applies if using this with a Lourí strap. Check out our other product pages to learn what you can carry.

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Hand Made in the UK

Our Products are all Manufactured in the UK by Cyclists who understand Materials. We accept only the best quality workmanship.


Lourí is rugged, weather proof and seriously strong. Designed to be pulled tightly into place and last the test of time.


We suggest how to use Lourí, but try it for yourself and share how you use yours. Louri is versatile!