Huck Enduro Strap

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  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
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  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap
  • Huck Enduro Strap

Huck Enduro Strap

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FREE Keep it Dry Bag with every Enduro & XC Strap purchased (automatically included)

Previously named the Frame Strap. Louri is rebranding as 'Huck' and the Frame Strap is now being named the 'Enduro Strap'.

The Enduro MTB Strap is here to help you ditch the pack. Using a hydration bag is sometimes impractical or unnecessary. The convenience of being able to carry your essential gear whilst forgetting it's even there, is liberating.

The Enduro Strap is designed to fit best on any main frame tubes, carrying your on-ride essentials and mounting to any frame tightly, securely and silently. It's your ultimate strap for MTB, bike-packing or extra stowage on your roadie epic! 

The elasticated pre-loading system makes installing your inner tube, CO2, water bottle, spare tyre, jacket and more, super easy and fast to use. It's versatile enough to fit slim frames, anywhere there is space. 

  • Long enough to reach the biggest of carbon frame tubes and e-bike tubes with batteries
  • Adjustable to fit solely an inner tube or much larger items such as water bottles, spare clothing etc
  • Strong, machine washable or hose-down materials
  • Hook-to-hook tape for secure mounting no matter what part of the strap it secures back against
  • Hidden bartack stitches for super strong elastic anchoring
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Custom designs available (minimum quantities apply).

We believe attention to detail is key to delivering a great product and we've applied this from start to finish when creating Huck straps.  It's made by cyclists, for cyclists.  We know what cyclists need in order to ditch the pack and we've searched and tested our materials to create a strong, durable and functional product.

Available in loads of colours. Choose from the drop-down menu. 


  • Length: 61cm
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Max Secure Mounted Circumference: 52cm 
  • Minimum Secure Mounted Circumference: 16cm

How to Preload and Mount your Huck Enduro Strap: For a step-to-step demonstration, be sure to check out our installation video below.

1. Open the strap with the rubbery side facing up.
2. Place CO2 , Tyre Levers or Allen keys across the strap on top of the elasticated loops first.
3. Now place your inner tube on top of the other items and position. Re-folding the inner tube so it lies flatter both looks better when mounted on your bike, and adds more support to the other accessories you mount with the strap.
4. Stretch each elastic loop over your inner tube and ensure all contents are held in position.
5. Present your preloaded bundle to any frame tube with the rubber contact pipes against your frame.
6. Wrap the strap around the frame, through the bowed resin loop and back on itself.
7. Hold the inner tube and other contents with one hand while using your other hand to ensure it's pulled tightly in to position. 

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Hand Made in the UK

Our Products are all Manufactured in the UK by Cyclists who understand Materials. We accept only the best quality workmanship.


Lourí is rugged, weather proof and seriously strong. Designed to be pulled tightly into place and last the test of time.


We suggest how to use Lourí, but try it for yourself and share how you use yours. Louri is versatile!