Lourí {pronounced lur-ee} is the Greek word for strap.

Strap - Noun - a strip of leather, cloth or other flexible material, used to fasten, secure, or carry something.

Here at Lourí we love the freedom of riding packless and our range is designed to help all cyclists #ditchthepack and #sodthesaddlebag.

We care about quality which is why our range of Frame and Saddle straps are handmade in the UK by people who know and understand cycling and materials. There will be more products added to the Lourí brand label over time, but check out the other brands we sell. These are brands we love and use ourselves as well as lending themselves to our packless riding ethos. 

What about the people? We're a small company based just North of Abergavenny in the Black Mountains of Wales. There's two of us, plus baby (Rafferty) and dog (Oscar) as well as the occasional outside help. 

Siân ~ An ex-police officer bringing organisational skills and heaps of business acumen to the success of our little business. She makes great decisions and is usually the person behind Lourí's overarching direction and growth strategy. Crucially, she also makes sure our raw materials are where they need to be at the right time and that our product is manufactured and delivered to specification and in a timely manner. 

Thomas ~ That's me! A product of a lifetime in the bicycle trade during a 20 year career. I've worked in bike shops on the high street, on the internet and spent the last decade in marketing and buying roles. The consistent things here are bikes bikes bikes. I love bikes, equipment and spending all the time I can muster upon one. My experience in bicycle and equipment ownership means I know when a product is good and when it's full of fluff.