Sian and Thomas Owners of Louri

Lourí {pronounced lur-ee} is the Greek word for strap.

Strap - Noun - a strip of leather, cloth or other flexible material, used to fasten, secure, or carry something.

Lourí was launched in 2018 by me and my husband, Thomas after inspiration hit while on holiday on the Greek island of Crete.

Here at Lourí we love the freedom of riding packless and our range is designed to help all cyclists #ditchthepack and #sodthesaddlebag.

We care about quality which is why our range is handmade in the UK by people who know and understand cycling and materials. Initially launched with Frame and Saddle straps in black, Lourí is rapidly expanding its range with colours and patterns. There are also more ideas in the pipeline all aimed at enhancing that feeling of freedom while you ride.

We also run Cyclorise, a British-based cycle distributor, dealing with high-end parts and accessories accessories for bicycles. Following our success with Cyclorise and building on our passion for cycling accessories, myself (I'm Sián by the way) and Thomas spotted a gap in the market for a high quality, British-made product and so Lourí was born. I run Louri, while Thomas focuses on Cyclorise and it certainly keeps us both out of trouble; although of course, we still make time to get out on the bikes!

Oscar the Vizsla Trail dog MTBWhen we're not busy with work we are most likely to be found shredding the gnar with our Hungarian Vizsla, Oscar. Our incredible trail dog!