Sticky Pod - Tool & Spares Organiser

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Sticky Pod - Tool & Spares Organiser

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Sticky Pods are the original utility storage pouch, designed to fit perfectly in a Jersey pocket, but also works well with a Louri Strap attached to your bike or in your hydration pack.

Often copied but never bettered, this convenient zip-up bag comes in the perfect size to cater for the majority of riders' needs. This is the latest v4.0 Sticky Pod, being reconfigured to carry the new generation of larger phones. 

Measures 7.25” x 4.25” 

Sticky Pods Utility Packs are the practical and durable bike accessory every cyclist would make good use of. First introduced in 2009, the Sticky Pod has received international recognition from cyclists all over the world. 

  • ​ Fits nicely in your jersey pocket
  •  TOUCHSCREEN zippered Phone pocket
  •  One easy access mesh pocket
  •  Grippy (hence Sticky Pod) surface keeps it secure in your pocket
  •  Prevents tools and keys from wearing a hole through jersey pockets
  •  Protects jersey from dirty tools
  • Acts as a grab-bag, so you can keep your kit together and ready to go


  1. Inner Tube
  2. 2x CO2 Cartridges*
  3. CO2 Inflator
  4. Tyre Levers
  5. Multitool (check out Fix Manufacturing)
  6. Glueless patches
  7. Cards & cash
  8. Mobile phone

*CO2 cartridges can often be a squeeze and press against your mobile phone if over-loaded.

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