Monster Brew - Honduran Single-Origin Coffee

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  • Monster Brew - Honduran Single-Origin Coffee

Monster Brew - Honduran Single-Origin Coffee

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Honduran Organic Single Origin from Hugo Abraham Alvarado

Huck just loves coffee and with that has introduced his first two roasts. This is the more premium coffee from Hugo Abraham Alvarado, a young coffee producer in Honduras. 

In Hugo’s coffee you’ll find notes of red grape and dark chocolate with some nutty almond and tamarind coming through too. 

The coffee scores 87 points on the Speciality Coffee Association scale. Any coffee scoring 80 and above is guaranteed to come from ethical sources where human rights and the environment are respected, an element that’s as important to us as the taste.

Certifications - Organic
SCA Score - 87
Altitude - 1,400m
Process - Natural
Varietal - Lempira

250g bag - resealable

Hand Made in the UK

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