GÜP Sealant Puncture Repair Inflator

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  • GÜP Sealant Puncture Repair Inflator
  • GÜP Sealant Puncture Repair Inflator
  • GÜP Sealant Puncture Repair Inflator

GÜP Sealant Puncture Repair Inflator

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Seals. Inflates. GUP gets you back in the saddle faster, saving your day. Combine with a Lourí strap and innertube and you have a viable 'get me home fast' 

GÜP / goop / noun: quick-fix sealant & inflation device. Your emergency Parachute! 

When you've spent £50 on your race ticket and your tyre just won't seal! Or you've not checked your sealant levels for a while and you tyre is as dry as a desert when you flat at your favourite trail centre. GUP will get you rolling...fast!

GÜP is formulated to mix with other latex-based sealants, meaning if you need a top up and an injection of air, GUP works. 

​GUP will fix tyres with inner tubes as well as tubeless and tubular systems. You can add tubeless sealant to your inner tubes with ease!
  • GÜP inflates a 29" x 2.4" tyre to 29psi or 700c tyre to 90-110psi!
  • GÜP Works with Presta and Schraeder valves without an adapter
  • GUP mixes well with other Latex-Based tubeless sealants
  • GÜP will seal holes in tubeless, tubular and inner-tubed tyres

Comes as a single can. GÜP Industries Holster sold separately or add it with the options below.

How to use GUP Industries successfully. 
  1. Give the can a really quick shake
  2. Support the wheel/bike between your legs with the valve at the top of the wheel.
  3. Place can over the valve. DO NOT push can all the way up against the rim. 
  4. With one hand, push can up towards the rim while simultaneously pinching the yellow head and pushing down towards the can with the other hand. This is a two-hand job. DO NOT use the rim to push the head towards the can. The yellow cap should not be pushed against the rim
  5. Hear the can expel sealant and air into your tyre. Hold until desired pressure is reached. 
As you can tell, it's pretty easy, but we just want to make sure the can is not pushed hard all the way up the valve and against the rim. Why? The can needs free-flow of air so the air and sealant can travel into the valve swiftly. By pushing the can all the way up the valve to the rim, you block the valve itself causing a build up of pressure behind the yellow rubber top. It will then pop off and a bit of sealant will foam out. If this happens, wipe away and try again using the above instructions. 

UK ONLY - SORRY, these can only currently be shipped within the United Kingdom because of their pressurised nature.

Hand Made in the UK

Our Products are all Manufactured in the UK by Cyclists who understand Materials. We accept only the best quality workmanship.


Lourí is rugged, weather proof and seriously strong. Designed to be pulled tightly into place and last the test of time.


We suggest how to use Lourí, but try it for yourself and share how you use yours. Louri is versatile!