Fork Cork - Removable Steerer Tube Bung

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  • Removable steer tube plug for spares.
  • Removable steer tube plug for spares.
  • black or gold fork cork
  • stow spares in my steerer tube. Fork Cork.
  • Fork Cork Steer Tube bung Cyclorise
  • Fork Cork Steerer tube bung
  • Removable steerer tube bung for bikes

Fork Cork - Removable Steerer Tube Bung

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This CNC aluminium cap plugs the hole in the underside of your tapered steerer tube.

This not only stops mud and grime filling the tube but also allows you to use your steerer tube as an extra storage space, like a secret stash spot to keep your cash, patches, extra CO2 or anything else you can fit in there.

The steerer tube on modern mountain bikes is quite wide and can hold quite a bit if you're creative. See the video below to see what we store in ours. A small zip-lock bag with glueless patches, tyre boots, zip ties and quick links and some cash will easily slide inside your steerer tube. A tiny CO2 adaptor can also fit. 

The Fork Cork is made from anodised aluminium and fits 1.5" tapered steerer tubes. It uses a high-end neoprene rubber to form a firm grip of your steerer tube without the need to over tighten it, ensuring it's easy to undo when you need it and will grip even a wet and muddy steerer tube when you replace it.

  • Easy thumb screw dial to tighten to plug the fork.
  • Requires very little force to secure in place, ensuring easy removal whenever required. Once secure, it WILL NOT fall out!
  • Grips tight, even when covered in mud.
  • Work with almost any tapered fork steerer tube from 31.0mm - 38.0mm.
  • Made and assembled in the USA.

NOTE: Will NOT fit old-style straight steerer tubes. Must have a typical 1.5" tapered lower steerer. Also may not fit some suspension forks supplied on e-MTB's where the steerer tube has been reinforced with an insert. Please check measurements above if you're not sure. 

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